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Girls’ Trip to Pawley’s Island, SC:  letter from Colleen Kennedy

Published on August 10, 2013

2013 Pawley’s Island Girls Trip

            On June 9th, Lynn and I picked up 4 girls that are involved in the court system to take them on a wonderful, fun filled trip to Pawley’s Island, South Carolina.  Pawley’s Island is just south of Myrtle Beach and is the perfect place for our trip.  Thankfully, Pawley’s Island isn’t too commercialized so the beach is beautiful and not to crowded; but we are close enough to Myrtle Beach to enjoy the “touristy” pleasures they have there.  Lynn and I have taken many girls’ trips, but Pawley’s Island is our favorite.

            The drive is a 12 hour jaunt, and of course the girls have slept most of the way and are filled with energy when we get there, while Lynn and I can’t get to bed fast enough!  The girls are excited to see the new sites and are anxious to get started!  They have used the 12 hour drive to get to know each other and they are all getting along.  They received beach bags with hygiene products, beach towels and candy and they all were thankful for receiving them.  

            The next day we head to the beach.  All but one girl have never seen the ocean before.  It always makes me smile when they take their first step into the ocean and ask the same question:  “Are there sharks in here?”. After reassuring them, they all get in and start to enjoy themselves.  The Boogie Boards are a big hit and they start to learn to ride the waves into shore.  We ended up being able to spend a few days at the beach, as the weather was perfect!  It’s a tradition for me to get up for the sunrise and take any youth that want to go with me.  We had a beautiful sunrise and we got some good pictures.

            When not at the beach, the girls enjoyed the pool and Jacuzzi that were available to them at the condo.  We also had enough money to give the girls $20 each to buy souvenirs so we went shopping… which is always a big hit with girls. We went out to dinner and a movie another night.  On the last night, we went to a dinner show which involved Pirates, sea lions, parrots, dogs and lots of comedy.  The girls especially liked this and were very into the audience participation parts. It was interesting to see that when the cannons went off during the show, the girls sitting next to me tried to dive under the table.  Sometimes, small acts like these put things into perspective for you.

            Overall, the girls had a great time!  I love being able to expose them to new things and let them know that there are more things out there than what they can find in Dayton, Ohio.  This trip allows us to expose these youth to new opportunities and experiences that, hopefully, open up their eyes to their potential.  A question that I heard throughout the trip was “How were we able to afford all of this?”  When they found out that the condo and the money were donated, the next question was “Why would these strangers do this for us?”  They can’t seem to understand that there are people out there who will do good things for them and don’t want anything in return.  Thanks for helping to teach these kids that there are good people in the world who, although they don’t know them personally, have love for them.  God bless!



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