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COVID Food Relief

Published on May 8, 2020

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Building Bridges has assisted many families with food relief. Below are a few stories of how this program impacted our families in need:

(The names of these families have been changed for their privacy and protection.) 

Family A are tornado survivors. The youth lives in a single parent home with her mom and 6 siblings. Her mother works in hospitality at a local hospital, but her hours have been reduced by 50% which has negatively impacted provisions for this family of 8. The youth’s mother was especially thankful that she was selected to participate in the food relief program.

Similarly, Family B were very thankful for the Building Bridges Food Relief. The parent was laid off from work and it took nearly 4 weeks to get her unemployment application processed. To say the least, this past month has been difficult for the mother to provide for her family of 9. The mom has been going to food banks and other benefit distributions within the community but more than once, the funds or resources for the programs were not available by the time she reached the front of the line. This family is very thankful for your help.

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