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DYS Community Recognition Awards

Published on January 14, 2013

Joshua Jones, 2012 DYS Community Recognition Award Recipient

Upon being placed on probation supervision a few years ago, Joshua’s future looked “bleak.”  He was failing most of his classes and was known as a “class clown.” He admitted to occasional drug usage. He was combative, poor frustration tolerance, and “angry.”  He appeared to lack confidence in others and especially in himself. He indicated that he disliked his living arrangement, which he felt was causing him to be emotionally deregulated. Through the intervention of Building Bridges, the Prodigy Medals in the Making program, compounded with Joshua being transitioned from his unfavorable living arrangement to a more structured and healthy environment, he changed his life. He became involved with the work therapy groups where he learned how to manage his anger; accept constructive criticism and praises; and develop his self-esteem. Joshua has now transformed his life in a way that no one could have believed. His grades drastically improved and he is currently an honor roll student who is receiving only A’s & B’s in his classes. Josh is gainfully employed part-time at Wendy’s fast food restaurant. Joshua Jones took full advantage of the resources offered to him by Building Bridges.  As the youth began to participate in these pro-social activities at BB, his interpersonal, communication, and academic skills began to soar.  Self-Efficacy was surely the result.  Although Josh was successfully terminated from our program, he continues to participate in the BB activities and in the boxing program at Prodigy, Medals in the Making program. Without the intervention of BB, it is fair to state that most of the participants in the program, including Joshua, would never have a second, or even in some cases, a first chance at life and success. This is the reason why this year Joshua Jones was nominated and won the DYS Community Recognition Award. Out of 88 counties in Ohio, our own Joshua Jones won the award, beating out hundreds of youth from the state. Below is a picture of Joshua Jones (with blue shirt) receiving his award with staff representing the Building Bridges program. Also pictured are Mark Carpenter and Ronda Croucher from Prodigy, Medals in the Making program. The Medals in the Making program received the DYS Community Recognition Award of 2012 for being one of the best programs in the state. 

Decapolis Murray, 2011 DYS Community Recognition Award Recipient

This is the second year in a row that a Building Bridges youth has won this award. Last year’s (2011) winner was BB youth, Decapolis Murray, and the Building Bridges program won the DYS Community Recognition Award for being one of the best programs in Ohio for helping at-risk youth. Here is Decapolis’ story.

At an early age, Decapolis Murray had to overcome many adversities that would have made the average person just quit on life.  Both of Decapolis’ parents are deceased; he was placed in foster care and separated from his siblings in 2008; he had minimal support from his peers and family; and he was court involved.

Despite these obstacles, Decapolis has been able to succeed.  Last year, Decapolis was awarded admission into Central State University.  This couldn’t have been possible without the support and caring of the Building Bridges program, along with being resilient. Below is a picture of Decapolis Murray with his award along with staff from Building Bridges and Montgomery County Children Services.


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