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Youth Success Story

Published on November 18, 2019

Brooklyn is the epitome of what someone who is resilient can achieve with love, support, encouragement, and good programing. Since early childhood the deck has been stacked against this young lady. She came from a broken home. She lived in a community where crime, gangs, and violence were rampant. She had low self-esteem, lack of trust in adults, and was full of disparity. To ease that pain, she started associating with negative peers, and stopped caring about everything in her life, especially herself. She became involved with the Court and was placed on probation supervision due to her delinquent behavior. Initially, she struggled with her academics due to excessive truancy to school, and from having poor grades. Her life was spiraling out of control. She was raging with anger about her life, but did not know how to create the change she needed to get it on track, until the day she began volunteering with the Humane Society and participating in T4C work groups. 


With the support of her mother, involvement with work groups, and the Humane Society of Greater Dayton program, Brooklyn starting making tremendous strides in taking control of her life. Her mother made sure that Brooklyn always completed her chores, went to school, and made sure she did not use her negative life circumstances as an excuse not to succeed. Her mother also encouraged the youth to give back by volunteering at the Humane Society. Since Brooklyn’s participation in the Humane Society and work groups, she has made drastic changes in all of life’s major areas, including: school, home, attitude, and behavior. Last year Brooklyn won the DYS Community Recognition Award.

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