We help youth find success

We come alongside kids who have found themselves in extremely difficult circumstances and need a second chance to make better choices, turn their lives around, and find lasting success.

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We help youth find success
Supporting and redirecting the lives of kids who need a second chance
The idea is simple
The idea is simple

Instead of counseling kids from behind a desk, we put kids in situations where they are likely to succeed. As their successes add up, these kids begin to build self-esteem, something most of them, despite their street- tough exteriors, are sorely lacking.

Our staff and volunteers work to develop relationships with each child. The kids are asked to set reachable goals for managing family relationships, improving social skills, and elevating school performance. This hands-on relation-focused approach accounts for the program’s unmatched success rate.

By simply showing theses kids they have worth, 7.5 out of 10 of them will not incur any new charges or become involved in the juvenile justice system again; returning to our community as productive members of society.

Building Bridges Informational Video 2020 from Brittini Long on Vimeo.

We need your support

Our young people need as many positive role models in their corner as possible. Your presence could be the ever-so-slight turn of the rudder needed to steer him or her in a life-transforming direction. We are always seeking people who have a passion to serve the at-risk youth in our community, and there are many different ways to help.

"Building Bridges is a great program. It helped me a lot. I feel like I was a little lost before Building Bridges, but it gave me a clear picture of what I should be doing. It taught me how to take care of myself, get myself out of bad situations, and make better choices."
Keion, Building Bridges Participant