What We Do

Our Mission

The mission of Building Bridges is to act as a “safety net” for misguided youth by intervening and redirecting their lives through services that offer discipline, structure, and skills.

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Work Therapy Groups

The Work Therapy program gets young people involved in more than 25 labor or therapeutic activity groups each week. Our Work Therapy Groups offer our youth structure and discipline, the opportunity to learn new skills, and a chance to give back to their community. Together the kids spend thousands of hours each year working in the Dayton community as part of our Work Therapy Program.

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Field Trips

Our field trips expose our youth to places they have never visited and experiences they have never had. These field trips open their eyes to new worlds of possibilities that they otherwise would never consider.

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Activities, Events & Sports

The youth in our program often lack the opportunity to see and do things that we tend to take for granted. Going bowling, participating in a 5K run, attending a UD basketball game, or going to a Halloween party are some examples. Building Bridges engages our youth throughout the year with a variety of sports, programs, and events that broaden their experience and promote interaction with others and with the community.

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Building Bridges Work Therapy Groups have strategic collaborations with the following groups and organizations that aid in our efforts to help young people find a productive path forward.

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